• Get on board immediately with FlexRent!
  • Flexible as a short rental, cheap as a long rental.
  • Discover the packages designed for all your needs.
  • 100% digital. Online booking and pick-up in 72 hours.
  • Monthly payment by credit card.

The innovative car subscription service that allows customers to drive whenever and wherever they want.

CarCloud is a unique formula for the mobility sector, which makes it possible to use different cars, depending on the situations and the customer’s needs. Customers can choose anytime in the DRIVALIA Mobility Stores the vehicle that best meets their needs, thus promoting a more sustainable lifestyle in both economic and environmental terms.

The subscription has no time limits and customers can sign up, renew every month and cancel at any time. It is easy to manage, is totally digital and has no red tape. The service can be accessed through Amazon or at a DRIVALIA Mobility Store, where customers can choose between the packages currently available and interchangeable between them.

Customers can decide whether to pick up the vehicle at the nearest DRIVALIA Mobility Store or to have it delivered directly to their own home as an additional service.

Complementary recharging services are offered at the Mobility Stores thanks to the network of 1,600 fully owned electric stations.